PROVIDING legal services to foreign citizens in Turkey

Nowadays Turkey's economy is rapidly developing, it especially concerns such spheres as trade, agriculture, tourism and construction. Turkey has become very attractive for foreigners not only as a world-famous touristic destination but as a country which offers wide opportunities for investment.

Legal awareness- is one of the fundamental issues of establishing effective and fair business relationships. Hence it is easy to underestimate the necessity of professional legal advice. Seyhan law office was established in 2001 by three qualified lawyers Hakan Uncuoglu, Mustafa Korkmaz and Bulent Seyhan to offer legal services for foreign citizens and companies in Turkey.  Our team consists of professional lawyers, attorneys translators and consultants who have been successfully solving legal problems of foreigners in Turkey for many years.

We offer the following services:

  • Protecting the rights of foreign citizens and companies under the laws of Turkish Republic.
  • Representing foreign clients' interests in the court.
  • Providing legal services in various areas.
  • Providing legal advice.